Five Minutes With…Diletta


Diletta after she had her hair cut

Today I will be interviewing , a Year 12 student who will be shaving off her hair and donating it to children with cancer via the association Little Princess Trust.

Hi Diletta!  So firstly, how did you decide you wanted to do this?

So, it started 3 years ago because I wanted to shave my head out of the blue. And I started research and I stumbled across this organization, Little Princess Trust and found out that you can donate your hair to make wigs for people who have cancer.

Can you explain how the donating process works?

You have to grow your hair at least 17cm and then you make a braid and put two wrist bands at the start and end of the braid. Then you cut it off and send it to the charity in a freezer bag and then the organisation stores and files it by hair colour, texture, length etc.  Usually five hair donations make one wig.

Why did you choose to donate to this charity above others?

Little Princess Trust is a very well known association, many of my friends had donated to the charity previously so I knew it was reliable. I like the thought of donating my hair to both young girl and boys.

What are the requirements and steps to donating both regarding your hair and the funds your collecting?

I’m raising money especially for boys as they usually don’t have enough donations to make the wigs, one wig is usually 350 euros and I’m trying to raise 1000 euros to make around 3 wigs. DONATE HERE

Do you have any worries or fears about shaving your head; many say this is a very brave thing.

Ahaha, I don’t any more I did before, but now I’m comfortable with my choice. I got through the worries I mean it’s been 3 years and it’s for a good cause and women shouldn’t be afraid to shave their heads for their appearances.

What advice could you give to someone who wants to do something similar, and encouragement if they have any doubts?

You don’t need to actually shave your head; its just 17cm so you can just grow it out really long. You can still feel comfortable and wait for when you’ve made peace with your decision.

Finally what do you think you’ve gained by starting this process and what do you think you will learn from cutting your hair, donating, raising the funds, the whole experience.

I grew a lot deciding to shave my head. The actual process of growing out my hair and deciding to cut it has taught me that women with short hair are as beautiful and feminine with short hair as with long hair. I mean Ruby Rose is gorgeous. We live in a society where shaving your hair is taboo for women, I feel comfortable with doing this because I look towards being different. So I’m comfortable with this choice and looking different. Just, don’t be afraid to be yourself.

*To date, Diletta has managed to raise an impressive €1690 beating her original aim of €1000.