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Staff Writer

My name is Thomas and I am half American, half Italian. I lived in London for three years, where I had the best school lunches of my life. I have clear ideas and am very happy to be at Saint Louis High School. My hobbies are tennis,...

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Staff Writer

Hi everyone, my name is Sofia! Travelling is my passion, sleeping is my pleasure.

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Staff Writer

Hello everyone, I’m Carlotta! I like reading, art, cold weather and creating different kinds of stories. I would love to become a writer in the future.

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Staff Writer

Hi I'm Freddie! I know that I am nice, kind, hyperactive, funny, intelligent and a good friend. I love to talk, act and be photographed! I am an aspiring Doctor or Surgeon!

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Art Director

Hey! I'm Vidushi and I'm probably the most hyperactive girl you'll ever meet!

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I love Oreos because, I mean... who doesn't?

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Staff Writer

Give me a donut and I’ll love you for life.

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Copy Editor

Hello world! There is not much I can say about me, other than that I am a girl full of giggles and a smile is what I try convey. Also... writing is one of my passions! 

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Hi I’m Olivia! Someday I’m going to become a successful journalist and discover the wonders of our beautiful planet.

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