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Staff Writer

My name is Giovanni and I am currently in year 10. I am a very happy and positive person. I have many hobbies such as playing golf and football, watching films and sports news.


Staff Writer

Hey! I am Masha. I love taking photos, travelling, spending time with my friends, and writing. My hobby is dancing hip hop because this way I can express my feelings. As you can see I am a creative girl and hope you enjoy my arti...


Staff Writer

My name is Guido, I’m 14 years old and I’m a Spirit of St.Louis staff writer. My passions are playing golf, writing and discussing politics. I hope you'll like my articles (;


Staff Writer

My name is Matteo. I am 16 years old and Italian. I  lived in Spain for 5 years and did my  IGCSEs there.

Maria Ester

Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Maria Ester. I am currently a Year 10 student at St. Louis. My passions involve STEM and music. I hope you enjoy the articles!


Hey I’m Giorgio.  One of my favourite hobbies is traveling around the world and exploring new cultures and places. I also love basketball and I really like hanging out with my friends.

Maria G


For what feels like a lifetime, I have been pouring over the never ending stream of literature surrounding us. Now I attempt to add my own contributions...

Anna G


My name is Anna, I am currently in year 12.  I am a very positive person. I have many passions such as playing the piano, sports, reading, traveling.

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