Five minutes with… Ginevra, Maria and Sabrina – Goodbye to our senior staffers!


Sabrina, Maria and Ginevra

What were the best and worst parts of school life? 

The best part of the two years long program was probably making great friends and getting to know many people from different realities. The worst parts however were all the teachers that left, so having to adapt to a new teacher every while. Also, the stress was so much that pretty much affected our school life.

Is the IB Diploma as hard as teachers say? 

Actually, if you know how to get organised it can seem easier than expected. Yet, on the whole, it’s a very hard program to follow. The first year isn’t that bad, if you study it’s going to be fine. On the contrary, the second year it’s quite though.

How did you manage everything? 

We didn’t. School work has to be your priority during those two years. You just have to do the work and spend time on studying and writing essays first and then, once you have finished, you go out with friends.

What do you plan for the future? 

For now plans are concentrated on university, probably going to do a master (and even a phd) but we’ll see how things are after we get our degree.