5 minutes with…Mr Catervi!


Mr Catervi

Just before the end of the third half term, the Spirit of St Louis had the chance to interview the new chemistry teacher, Mr Catervi.


Good afternoon Mr. Catervi

Good afternoon 


You’re new to St Louis, how were your first weeks at the school?

 Yes you are right I’m new, the first few weeks have been really busy but at the same time I really enjoy my classes, my subject. It is definitely a positive experience  


Before coming here you worked in a foreign country, right? Which one?

Yes I did, I worked in Turkey for seven years.


What was your experience working there? 

It was a very positive experience because it was my first time teaching in a foreign country. I had the chance to work in two different cities which helped me embrace the culture of the country. The environment was slightly different from St. Louis but both schools contributed to my learning and growth.


Was it hard to come back to Italy after being in a foreign country for so long?

At first it was really hard and it was not an easy decision to make, but for family reasons we decided it was the right choice. 


Do you prefer teaching in Italy or in different countries? 

I don’t really mind if I work in my home country or abroad as long as I’m teaching chemistry.


Was it difficult to settle in a new school after spending so much time in a different community? 

It was definitely a bit difficult but being Italian certainly helped, but of course new school, new people, it takes a while to adjust and settle down.


Was it hard to start teaching in the middle of the year? 

Yes it was probably the hardest part of my job to start in the middle of the year. If I had started in September it would have definitely been easier. 


Now talking about your subject, you teach chemistry. What’s the part you enjoy the most? 

Probably the practical part of my job. I love setting up the experiments for my students. I really enjoy seeing my students perform, engaged, motivated and interacting with the lesson.


Have you always been a Chemistry teacher or have you taught other sciences? 

My major is chemistry, more specifically environmental chemistry. Since I started my career I have always taught this subject as well as environmental society. In fact, I have taken up a few classes of Environmental Systems and Societies.


Have you always wanted to be a teacher? 

It has always been my dream since high school. I was very inspired by my teachers and as soon as I graduated both from high school and from college I got to pursue my dream as a teacher. 


And lastly, what advice would you give to all the Chemistry students that have to face the IGCSE? 

It is a very interesting question as the  exams are approaching. It’s important to keep working hard, never give up and revise as much as you can. My best advise it to essential improve in the areas in which you don’t feel fully confident especially by practising past papers questions.


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