Five Minutes with … Ginevra

Could you tell me about yourself  and your horse riding career?

I was born in Milan in 1998 and I have been here at St Louis since I was very little. Currently I am in year 13 and as you know I am preparing for the IB exams. Regarding the horse riding, I have been doing it since I was 6 years old and right now I am in a full phase of competitive  show jumping. I do different kinds of competitions, inter-regional and national. I achieved a very good place and I am so proud of my horse Clementine.

How many times do you train during the week?

I must be honest, I do not go training everyday because the place where I ride my horse is not in Milan so I usually go on Friday as soon as I finish school.  If at the weekend I have an important competition I go also on Wednesdays. My dad does horse riding too. He has always supported me and taken care of my horse when I couldn’t ride her.

Can you tell me about your last competition?

The last competition I did was quite hard. There were 5 parts to it and there were almost 300 riders. You had to complete all five parts to get to the semi-final in Arezzo. The top ten would then go to the final in Verona. I achieved third place in Arezzo. I never would have expected that I would be able to go to Arezzo. It was like a dream to me. It was an experience that helped me grow together with my horse. I know horse riding won’t be my future career; I see it mostly as a hobby, but I think that the relationship you build up with your horse is absolutely priceless.