Five Minutes With… Miss Harold

I have to be honest, the interview lasted ten minutes but I got so involved, time flew away in a second! When you meet our English teacher, you wouldnt expect her to be a great sailor as well. I hope youll enjoy reading this interview with the teacher that travelled the seas!


Good afternoon, Miss! I heard that you took a year out to sail. Could you tell me the whole story please?

Good afternoon to you too, Carlotta. I did indeed take some time out to learn how to sail. I participated in some qualifications that you can take if you want to be a professional captain or a professional first officer. These are qualifications that you have to learn in special schools. You need to learn the theory, which consists of reading a chart to navigate, and also the practical elements of sailing. I have to admit it was difficult!

we heard an S.O.S from one of the boats that was carrying refugees


Very, very difficult and intense. It’s like studying for higher maths but with sailing!

Oh, that must have been exhausting! Anyway, where did you go exactly to take this qualification?

 I went to Majorca and also to the south of England, which are both very good places to learn. After that I was able to spend time working on yachts.


Was this experience dangerous?

 One time yes, very!

What happened?

 We were sailing to Malta, that time when the volcano was erupting during night-time. It was very beautiful! Yet it was  also a really dangerous condition, the boat was leaning up and down in the water.  I loved being in such an extreme situation, but some were getting very very sick. Another time, near Lampedusa, we heard an S.O.S from one of the boats that was carrying refugees. We helped them of course, while the sea was moving and the wind was extremely strong.

How did you get into sailing?

I learned to sail while living in Thailand. I wanted to get into a new hobby. I explored small islands on a little boat with a very good captain that taught me how to sail. I also did some regattas and races…

What is your opinion on women and sailing?

This is such a great question. I worked with a lady that was the first officer. There are not many around. It isn’t common; lots of people think women can’t be good sailors. When sailing, you have to be very strong, physically and emotionally, so maybe that’s why. I think if you start sailing when you are young enough you can achieve all the right abilities. However, I do think it’s good to have women on board, because it keeps the right balance on the boat.

What are your plans for the Saint Louis Yachting club?

I would love to start a sailing club and to allow students to reach the very top, just as I did! My idea is to give other people the opportunity to be professional skippers, which means they can sail anywhere they want to in the world! Or, they could simply join us and learn how to sail, you experience the great feeling about being in control of your own boat, which is fantastic. If it goes well, maybe one day we will have our Saint Louis regatta racing team, and that would be amazing.

Finally, I would like to ask you if you would do it again.

Yes. Definitely. It was such a great experience and I would absolutely do it again. Hopefully I will be able to participate in more regattas this summer!

Thank you very much for letting me interview you, Miss!

It’s been a pleasure for me having the opportunity to share my great experience,