Five Minutes With… Virginia


Virginia on her horse

Sofia and Thomas

The Spirit of St. Louis interviewed Virginia G, a student from the High school who went to Dallas Texas to participate in a specialist horse competition.

Q: When did you start riding?

Virginia: I started when I was only 3 years old. I was first introduced to horses by my Aunt who had a riding place.

Q: Were there any people who influenced you in your decision to start riding or was it purely your decision?

Virginia: My Aunt introduced me to the elegant creatures, but my Dad pushed me to commit to my new sport. And after a while I became passionate about it.

Q: Knowing that you left Italy to go and participate in this horse competition. What characteristics do you look for in a horse before you choose which one to ride?

Virginia: I ride the American way (monte americana). I just need to like the horse and if I have my Dad’s approval, I’ve chosen.

Q: Now as my last question. How are you able to balance your activity and school life? You recently missed two weeks of school and a lot of tests. How are you going to recuperate your time missed in class?

Virginia: I always separate the two activities. It is very hard to come back and it’s important to go to school, but I do truly love horse riding. And when I do these types of trips I come back and somehow manage.