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Recently at school, one of the year 10 students has come out as transgender. She now has come to terms with her gender identity and has let everyone know that she is female. Personally, I was very shocked, because she is a very young person, and being so comfortable with who you are, and accepting it so early in life takes a lot of courage.

This is why I decided that it would be very inspiring to other LGBT youth, and to other non – LGBT youth to normalise the idea by hearing and having the experience of  people that belong in the community. Since the school is growing, there will be more and more students that will be coming out with different sexualities and identities. So I have asked Lucy several questions that will hopefully serve as a normalisation and a starting point where people can become more accepting.

Do you feel your essential identity is based on your sexual orientation – would you be a different person ?

I feel like a lot of people assume that your sexual orientation has an impact on your personality, and the opposite could not be truer, at least in my experience. Your expression of sexuality or gender doesn’t have a bearing on who you are as a person, it’s merely a trait.

How do you feel the school community has been in accepting you?

The school community has taken the news better than I ever would’ve hoped. While people slip up it’s only human to make mistakes, and the accepting nature of everyone has made me feel at home.

What does being transgender mean to you?

To me, transgender means someone who feels certain emotions of gender dysphoria*, big or small, and wish to feel recognised by a different term to the one they were born, whether that be from a man to a woman, a woman to a man, or other.

What does the word “discrimination” mean to you?

Discrimination holds itself as an ugly word to me. Someone who brings up arguments and insults against someone purely based on a preconceived notion and using it against that person, like a worse prejudice.

 How did you realise that you were transgender?

While it took me a copious amount of time to realise what my feelings meant, it was a gradual realisation about how uncomfortable I was being called a boy that brought about the possibility of me being transgender.

How was your experience with coming out to yourself and coming out to your friends and family?

It was a lot bigger of a problem for me than it needed to be. My family was very accepting of the fact, yet I worried needlessly about how they’d take it.

What advice would you give to other transgender youth?

Don’t be afraid of who you are! Your gender does not have an impact on your personality, and your family and friends have nothing to hold against you. You are still you, no matter what.

What advice would you give to cisgender** people in order to support you?

Though people may not understand the situation, they can be accepting. If you know anyone at all thinking of coming out, or who already has come out, be supportive of them. It’s a long and arduous process but ultimately it’ll make them happy!


*Dysphoria: A feeling of inadequacy related to your body 

**Cisgender: People who are not transgender 

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