Bringing The Outside Within

Taking on the concept of loneliness, during the tough times we faced in quarantine, I went out and explored what was left of the once densely populated city of Milano. At the time quarantine hit, everyone had by then gathered their food stocks and sheltered in their homes, leaving the city streets empty and quiet. Strolling solemnly along these streets some inanimate entities caught my attention, I could feel their presence, these masses of bronze were left alone. A depiction of loneliness, a metaphor. How these statues had no one to look at them, nor we could go out and see them. We were in the same situation…

My interpretation of these monuments such as the “Grande disco”, “Monumeto al Carabiniere” and “Gesture for freedom” are presented in a fine colour pallet consisting of geisha reds and banana yellows depicting the covid zones (red and yellow) with 24 karate gold flake highlights finally contoured by black ink outlines. Each piece is a minimalistic interpretation of the already existing monuments painted on 122 by 122 cm and 122 by 90 cm planks of wood. These monuments were the ones I would see everyday on my way to school and back, building a relationship with their presence. Painting them comforted the lack of seeing them or maybe the desperate need to go outside. My pieces will be exhibited from September 2021, stay tuned for more details.

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