A Month In Isolation


I have been closed up in my house for about a month now. The only source of entertainment I have are my animals and my video games. I talk to my friends everyday on a video call because that is the only way I can see them at the same time at the moment. Sometimes I am bored as everyday seems the same. I get up, do my online lessons, finish, have lunch, play some video games and then have dinner and go to bed. And then I wake up in the morning and I have to do the same monotonous thing all over again. It can be hard having online lessons in front of the screen all day, but there is nothing I can do about that.

Something I do like about this is that I am spending much more time than usual with my animals as they are stuck inside with me too. Another thing is that I get to see both of my parents everyday  as they are working from home like me. I get to spend time with them and that is something that I should cherish in this difficult moment the world is going through. I need to find the positive things from this situation. I don’t get to see my brothers though. They are both in England. It would be much nicer if they were both in the house with us but again, I talk to them through voice calls, video calls and messages. I should start reading more as I have so much spare time, but I can’t bring myself to do it unless it’s for school. 

I have noticed that we are doing more work from home than we were doing in certain subjects at school.  I have also been able to play guitar and piano much more and I’m very happy because I really enjoy playing the instruments and making up weird tunes. My parents and I have also been watching films. That is also something that we definitely didn’t do as much before the quarantine. 

The Coronavirus isn’t really scaring me, but I’m more concerned for the people who are much more vulnerable to the virus, for example older people. Imagine being healthy all your life, reaching 90 years of age, getting infected by the virus and dying because your body is not as strong as it once was. 

I can’t wait for this situation to be over so I can see my friends again, finish this school year and enjoy my summer holidays without being closed indoors.