In this moment, when quarantine prevented us from staying physically together, I thought about how social distancing is affecting our lives, and our perceptions about connecting with others. 

Human contact, what we had underestimated, taken for granted,  what we had replaced with social media, what we transformed into a virtual contact. It is absurd how now that we have lost it, it is what we miss the most. When our realities changed completely due to an entity which was outside of our power and which made us avoid proximity with each other, our main regret became looking at the virtual world instead of our friends’ eyes. We thought back to the moments passed in company where, even though we were able to stay together and to talk face to face with each other, we were closed off in our own worlds. How foolish we were, considering Instagram likes were more relevant than hugs from our loved ones. 

Nonetheless, It wasn’t always like that.  There were times with loud music, loud voices, loud movements, loud smiles, we were all together living life at its fullest. But still nt enough compared to the opportunities we had. Now that our life has become completely virtual, we finally understand how what we were looking for on those social networks was completely meaningless. 

Once we will be able to connect again like before, we will never take a single moment for granted.