Giorgia and “Art will save us”- The other side of isolation

Maria G, Co-Editor

The Corona Chronicles 1: 

The Corona Chronicles is a project I will be carrying out throughout my quarantine, I am trying to collate as many experiences of the lockdown from as many points of view as possible.  I was able to catch up with my friend Giorgia, whom I have had the pleasure of knowing for almost five years. It was interesting to see how she was dealing with her quarantine considering where she lives in the outskirts of Milan, in a small residential area. 

About you: “I am Giorgia and I am an artistic person…(she starts to laugh)” 

Where are you at the moment? Are you satisfied with the resources around you?

I am in my house, which is just outside of Milan. I am with my family and my dogs, and stuff…I am very satisfied with the resources around me because I have plenty of stuff to keep away the boredom: art supplies, stuff to bake, board games, I literally have everything!

Some people on social media have said that being in quarantine has made all the days blur into one another, how would you describe your day? 

So firstly, I agree with the people on social media, I feel like that too. I would describe my day as “surreal”. I still feel like it’s February, then I walk outside my door and it’s 20℃. It’s pretty weird. Also, most of the time, I forget what day of the week it is, they are all the same.  In terms of day-to-day, I wake up and I do virtual lessons  – during the week like Monday to Friday, until two. I eat. Then I have the whole afternoon to do art. I do art almost the whole afternoon and…I don’t know, then I work out for one hour until six, every day. That’s pretty much it. 

Many people have taken up new hobbies as a result of the quarantine, is this the same for you? 

Yes. I have picked up baking. I mean, I have already baked a cake here and there for my family but not that much because I didn’t have the time. Now, seeing I have plenty of free time, I gave baking another try. I got really creative with it if I might say. 

What has been your favourite thing to bake?

Mmm, for now, it’s my apple pie…it came out really good! My family ate it in like two days! 

What is the thing you miss the most from before the quarantine?

I think being able to walk around, not just Milan but even simply my town, without the police looking at me and without a mask too! Also being able to eat out, at lunch or dinner. My family had this tradition of eating out every Saturday at my favourite restaurant but I can’t do that anymore.

What is something you’re appreciating about the quarantine, if anything? 

I am much more productive, I realised how much of my free time I can waste. When you get so bored you start doing productive things, I think. 

Such as? 

Art. I have been doing loads of it, I have been catching up on a lot of art I never finish. 

What is the first thing you will do when you get to leave the house?

The first thing I am going to do is go out with my friends and eat!  I probably would also celebrate my birthday , because that’s going to happen in quarantine, unfortunately. 

How are you going to celebrate? 

I don’t know, I asked my family if my favourite restaurant – the one we go to every Saturday- was open, we could go there…I don’t know if they do take away or deliveries, but I hope they do!