At home in Milan – Covid 19 lockdown


A Williams

Police Road Blocks in Porta Romana, Milan

The first week back from Half term I wasn’t very worried and because just schools and gyms were closed I kept seeing my friends in the afternoon after the online lessons.

Then, when the number of cases kept increasing, I stopped going out. Now, it has been a week since I have left my house. 

Virtual learning is difficult because we have to stay in front of a screen for six hours every day, even though some teachers help us by giving some exercises that do not need the computer.

I am trying to get the best out of this time in quarantine. I am trying to learn how to play the guitar, I am exercising every day, and I am reading a book every two days. 

Being a teenager, I think the hardest thing has been not going out with my friends, but thankfully there are social networks where we can all videochat together. Houseparty has been the way I pass every night, especially on Friday and Saturday; we all reunite and chat as if we were together in the same room.

This Saturday was my brother’s 18th birthday, we can say it was a unique kind of party. Just me, my parents, and my brother.