Habemus Papam!

Lorenzo G., Staff Writer

“Habemus Papam!”

Millions of people were waiting in front of the television, waiting for the Cardinals to announce who would be the new Pope. And the new Pope is Jorge Maria Bergoglio, from Argentina, ferocious opponent of the current Argentinian President, Cristina Kirchner.

Why are they opponents? He is incredibly against gay marriage, an idea that the President is really fond of. So Argentina is divided: half of the population supports the new Pope, and is ecstatic  that the first Latin American Pope is from Argentina. The other half is shaking their head and raising eyebrows, for there had been lots of speculation that the Church might soon try to move towards gay people and try to compromise with them. It seems highly unlikely that the Pope will go this way.

The people from his barrio (Spanish for neighbourhood) describe him as ‘strict and austere’. However, many people argue that Pope Francis is a lot more charismatic than Pope Ratzinger.