Ebola: The End?

You may have already heard the rumours about Ebola, the tropical disease that originates from the Democratic Republic of Congo in Western Africa. The disease has begun to terrorise the world just by the sound of its’ name, even though it has been around since 1976. It is now travelling quickly around the world, affecting more and more people every day. With this recent outbreak, could Ebola mean the end of the human race?


It would be stupid of us to jump to conclusions, but there are many people out there who believe otherwise. In fact, just two weeks ago, an 18-year old girl who had travelled from Western Africa to Australia with her family was put into isolation just because she had come down with a fever. Scientists say that we cannot be too cautious about this disease and that we must do as much as we can to contain it until a remedy is found. Canadian scientists previously found a remedy to the horrific disease, but the last dose of it was used to cure an Ebola victim in Norway.


For now, we are safe here in Milan. We should be grateful that we have the luxuries of school, money and homes to live in, as the people who don’t have these things are the ones that will most likely suffer the effects of the disease. Just because Ebola does not affect us does not mean that we should not become involved. Charities such as ‘Save the Children’ are raising funds for the children in Africa who need the money for medicine and shelters so that they can survive and not spread the deadly disease. Donating just once a month will help to prevent Ebola from wiping out the entire human race, even if we will not be able to eliminate the disease right away. What we can do is make a change slowly, together, with a fantastic end result.

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