Thoughts on the passing of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela could be described with two simple and frequent words: “great man”. Nelson was a model for all African people, or better, for the entire world. With no help he managed, just like Moses in the bible, to get an entire country to follow him in order to get to the “finish line”, justice. Thanks, Nelson.”

— Alessandro C.




You may not be South African, but the name Nelson Mandela will strike something in you. Last night when I found out that Nelson Mandela had died, I took a moment of silence. I knew Mandela was old and was ill, but his death still shocked me. Everytime I hear about Mandela, I remember that humanity still exists. Behind the cruel walls of the world, there are people like Mandela that stick to what they believe for the well being of others. He is, was and will always remain a great figure for mankind. Rest in peace Madiba ”

— Chapal