Paris’ September 11th

Friday the 13th of November. Everyone was worried something terrible was about to come, students didn’t want to take tests, people were being extremely careful while crossing the road. We only did this for superstition. Nobody believed in misfortune and that is why no one, not even the Parisians, could have imagined that something horrible was about to  happen: seven shooting sprees and three bombs.

The media describes it as “Paris’ September 11th. Seven shooting sprees and three bombs. 126 killed and 200 wounded. This is the balance for now, but there might be more victims. ISIS took the “credit” for the bloodbath that involved various public places. The stadium (where an international friendly football match was being ), a rock concert and various bars and restaurants. It is estimated that the terrorists were eight in total and six of them kamikazes – now they are all dead.

The president Francois Hollande closed all frontiers with Europe and declared a state of emergency in the capital. The first time since 1944. Terror and tension is palpable in Paris and everyone is barricaded inside their houses, restaurants or bars. Only the most courageous take out the cameras for documenting the massacre; hoping the world will never forget this day as it hasn’t forgot New York’s tragedy.

Today (Saturday) everything including schools, swimming pools, markets, museums and eleven train stations will be closed except parts of the subway. Paris is frightened and the rest of the world holds its breath waiting to see what is going to happen next. Isis claimed that the next targets for its terroristic attacks are going to be Rome, London and Washington.

Until then, remember not to allow this horrific situation to control your lives and live them to the full!