Coronavirus, Know the Facts And Stop The Hysteria

Mia, Staff Writer

It’s only the beginning of 2020 but a lot has happened from the death of Kobe Bryant to the emergence of the coronavirus.  


The coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China. Since then we have seen an increase in Sinophobia. Sinophobia is the fear of Chinese people, language, culture and of products made in China. Here are some facts about the coronavirus from the World Health Organisation (WHO).

  As of 5th of February, it has been that confirmed by the WHO that there have been:

  • 24554 cases of  coronavirus globally
  • 491 deaths in China 
  • 24363 cases in China
  • 191 cases outside of China
  • 1 death outside of China


  • It is safe to receive new packages or letters from China
  • There has not been any evidence of the virus being spread by pets
  • There is no vaccine or cure for this disease at the moment
  • Anybody of any age can contract this disease
  • Despite what some people say, mouthwash or garlic cannot kill this disease

During the ebola outbreak, I was in Alabama and someone asked where I was from. He gave me a look as though he was threatened because I am Nigerian and the ebola virus outbreak was happening in Africa. People should not be judged or discriminated against based on skin colour or their nationality regardless of what they carry.