Swy School Update

Mrs Oxley

In May we were really pleased to be able to visit Swy School again. A group from Year 13 along with Mrs Oxley and Mr T Williams made the long journey.

Swy is in Ratanakiri province, 9 hours by bus from the capital Phnom Pehn. The school in 2017 has around 80 students from 4-13. Conditions in the village are still quite basic: sanitation is still developing and there is no running water. Electricity is generated by car batteries and there are plans for solar panels. The school is three wooden rooms, raised off the ground like most Cambodian buildings – away from the animals (pigs and chickens) and to protect from flooding in the rainy season.

Some developments have been made since 2015 when St Louis students last visited – there is a cover on the central platform of the school and there is new play equipment constructed from local materials. Volleyball is still popular!

The children are passionate about their education. They enthusiastically take part in all activities and show a great deal of ingenuity working out puzzles or doing group activities.