The Cambodia Project – an update

Last year’s Student Council passed on to us ‘the Cambodia Project’. A project brought to us by the United World Schools Association. This association builds schools around the world, in the most rural countries to promote education.

United World Schools, with the aid of schools around the world raises funds to build in small towns where the inhabitants are lacking in facilities and where, if it wasn’t for the help given to them, would not have any access to education.

This is exactly what St. Louis is doing together with United World Schools. The money raised from events, goes to our school in Cambodia. Last year, the school raised over US $25,000, enough money to build a school with three classrooms and employ local and regional teachers who guide the students  in  fun and interactive learning activities using their traditional language and methods.

This year, the Student Council has been raising money to continue all of the good work from last year. It is impressive that by simply buying a ticket to a ball or participating in an organised event you can help to educate people. We have built a whole school and given all of the children the opportunity to learn and be free to become independent people. We are changing their lives.