‘Emma’ Is On Its Way

Ladies and gentlemen! The show is about to begin and unless you’d like to be thrown out of this fine establishment please turn off your cellphones. Thank you very much, and I present to you: Emma!

I was lucky enough to be able to meet and speak to Virginia, one of the lead actors in the show to ask her a few questions about the play and hopefully convince you to dig deep into your money filled billfolds and buy a ticket or two or three. 

T: I know your’re busy with the IB and the show, but thank you for sitting down and answering some of my questions.

V: No problem, I’d love to answer your questions

T: What is the musical about?

V: The musical is set in high school and is about these two friends, Emma and Harriet. Meghi plays Harriet who’s a very sweet girl and looking for love but her best friend Emma is basically messing everything up by trying to match her with the wrong people. It is full of romance and comedy. To hear more you’ll have to come by on the 26th or 27th.

T: Sounds amazing! Who do you play?

V: I play Emma, she is the matchmaker.

T: How long have you been preparing for the show?

V: The group has been hard at work since October 2nd. During this time we have learned our lines, our dance moves, which were quite the challenge for some, and recently we have begun performing full recitals in the theater to make sure our performance is nothing less than the best.

T: Glad to hear you care about your show, it’s important that there is passion and hard work. What about the future? Do you think you’ll become an actor?

V:  Well, Meghi and I have talked about this many times and we literally can’t remember a point in our lives in which we didn’t love singing. That is all we do. We walk down the street and we sing, we cook and we sing, we basically live while singing. Singing is really a huge passion of Meghi’s and mine and we hope that people will see it through the musical and have as much fun as we’ve had practicing.

T: Well, it has been a pleasure speaking with you and I am sure our readers will appreciate the sneak peak you’ve given them. Thank you for your time.

Now that you’ve been convinced, go buy yourself a few tickets, they’ll be sold at all three campuses on the 5th, 6th and 7th from 8:30am to 4:30pm. Tickets will also available from the 11th by sending an email to [email protected] specifying which day you’d like to attend, how many tickets you’d like to have and at which campus you’d like to buy and collect your tickets. Enjoy the show!