It was alright on the night – High School Musical



Before showtime

It’s been three weeks since our first High School Musical on stage performance. 

Ultimately the show was a success after the endless rehearsals that had been going on for months. Although now that it is over, I can now say that it was worth it, and that seems to be the general consensus.

The first show was following an exhausting day of dress rehearsals which instead of easing tensions only increased the general stress when we realised how close the curtain opening time was. This moment that had seemed so far away that we had worked for, for months was finally happening. The stage, the lights, the costumes, it was all finally coming together.

Make up and costume was a hectic moment, with deodorant and lipstick being thrown around the room. Hundreds of people crowded around a tiny mirror, while 5 people were trying to curl Gabriella’s hair and there was a growing queue at the bathroom door. Some people binge ate from the banquet table to hide their nerves while others paced up and down the corridors listening to the audience loudly filling up the seats in the theatre. But the worst people were the ones who nonchalantly sat down and acted like this was a piece of cake. Their calmness was unnerving. But when the velvet curtains were drawn and the familiar notes of the “wildcat cheer” began playing all  nerves dissolved and adrenaline and excitement took over.

Apart from a few tragically misplaced stools, forgotten lines and misplaced high kicks the show was fantastic!