Halloween Party


As the first event, the Student Council organised the Halloween party, on Thursday 22nd of October. The party involved most of the students in our high school and some teachers. The Halloween event was set in the courtyard, bar and theatre.

As students and teachers came in the front door, they had the possibility to have their picture taken, and pass in between smoke emitting pumpkins. Two different horror films were projected in the courtyard. During the movies, students and teachers could choose between a vast selection of food and soft drinks. There was a DJ, Luca V and the dance floor for everyone in the theatre.

The money raised from the entrance charge went towards the Cambodia school project.

We only had a short time to prepare for the event. The Student Council had just over one week to organise the whole party, including food, posters, and advertisements. We also had to decide what kind of event to carry out and how to organise it. Thankfully, we can say that the majority of people was pleased with the outcome. Everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves throughout the duration of the party.

As a first event for the Student Council, by putting in a lot of effort and team-work, we organised an excellent event where the participants enjoyed themselves.