The New Student Council 2019-2020


Student Council & Heads of House 19-20

My name is Anna and I am honored to be the Head Girl of St. Louis School, the student body’s representative together with the Head Boy, Alberto. I am overwhelmed and grateful for the opportunity to organize the school events and to bring the student community together.

This year the Student Council is divided into four different departments: Arts Council, represented by Oleg and Sophia,  Sports Council, represented by Giorgio and Leticia,  Charity Council, represented by Celeste and Michela , and the Environment Council, represented by Maria and Sophie.

In addition, like Harry Potter’s Gryffindor, Air, Water, Fire, and Earth are the new Houses here at St. Louis. Each house gains points during events such as the Sports Festival and the Christmas Fair. The Heads of Houses are a boy and a girl, Enzo and Alice for Air, Alessandro and Chiara for Water, Ferdinand and Annamaria for Fire, and Laura and Hyuni for Earth.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”, Helen Keller.