SLS High School Choir

A choir is known as a company of singers who sing a collection of different songs in churches or in schools. Choirs in schools are very popular worldwide, and there are schools that even participate in international choir events.

Every Thursday afternoon in the St. Louis High School theatre, a group of students and teachers led by the Middle School music teacher, Mr Grey, come together to sing marvellous songs. They are divided into three groups, which vary depending on the song. These are sopranos, altos and tenors.

There is a variety of female and male voices and with different pitches of voices they all manage to harmonise to give the song the “St. Louis style”. The first performance of the choir will be at the Middle School Christmas show, and there will be also be drama and instrumental representations from students of all different ages.


To find out more about how the choir was going, I interviewed Olivia, a member of St. Louis choir. Here is what she told me.


DV: Hi, Olivia. So, why did you join the choir?

OR: I joined the choir because I wanted to improve my singing skills, I enjoy it a lot and singing also helps me relax and clear my mind.


DV: Why is the choir such an enjoyable experience for you?

OR: I love choir because it is loads of fun and we don’t only sing good songs. We also get great harmony and tunes which makes it sound even better!


DV: Do you think choir, other than being a fun way to spend the afternoon, could also be a way of overcoming shyness?

OR: Yes, but not as much as drama where you actually perform in front of people every lesson.


DV: It seems like you are happy of your choice, but would you recommend this club to others?

OR: Yes, I would. To anyone who loves singing! Don’t be afraid to put your voice out there!!!