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How to procrastinate like a pro!

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‘The Thinker’ by August Rodin

NO! This article is in no way informative or will help you fight procrastination. I suggest you search through other articles if you’re here to look for a cure for procrastination. This is just the daily life of a procrastinator like moi!

So what really is procrastination? Procrastination is that very annoying little bug that follows you when you have to do something important? Still not clear huh?

Have you ever been in the situation where you have to study for a major exam but you just lay it off saying “I’ll do it later, I still have time!” BINGO that’s exactly what I am talking about. Not only are you too lazy to start studying for that exam but also you decide to do something utterly ridiculous like watering your plant instead. Yeah right, like watering a plant will help you pass your biology test! But there you are watering your plants and doing what not but still not studying.

How many of you actually start eating like a pig when you have nothing to do? I know I do. So there’s me with a book open ready to study, and then “grhh” my stomach makes the sound of a dying walrus. Off I go on a never-ending quest of eating, convincing myself that “food is important, need food to study well, food is life.” So now I’m out of food. What do I do? I’ll run off to the grocery shop to buy more food. Biology test? Ah I still have time to do that!

I think procrastination has a brain of its own and it’s trying to take over my brain. I don’t seem to have control over it. Even staring at the wall becomes far more entertaining than reading a book.  So here I am trying to “study”, and you know when a parent or sibling walks in and they say “you’ve been studying so much, you deserve a break.” Well a normal person would continue studying as they haven’t done anything that involved them using their brain cells. But then there’s me that will give themselves a break because you know I “studied” right?

The mini break ends after 3 hours of chatting on Whatsapp, flicking through Facebook or any other social network medium. Eventually you convince yourself that it’s too late to study and you aren’t in the studying mood anymore.

Then late at night you finally fall back down to earth and realize that you haven’t done anything productive and you freak out and panic like a maniac. I usually crawl into a ball and pretend to be a turtle. (We all have our ways to express grief). So naturally what do I do? Yep that’s right, I start cramming at the last minute. Before you ask, NO I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I DO THAT TO MYSELF.

Right now I should be studying for a biology test and completing my philosophy essay, but here I am procrastinating on writing an article about procrastination.




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  • Miranda NielenJan 8, 2014 at 1:42 PM

    You preached the truth! Amen!

  • Gavey defender of the universeOct 9, 2013 at 11:57 PM

    Coming from the Defender of the Universe, I never laughed so much by reading an article. It was cleverly thought out with a great sense of humor. magnificent article Chaps

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