Teenage Years

As we reach our teenage years we come to a point where we are sometimes tempted to do silly things without thinking of the consequences. During these teenage years we like to experiment and sometimes we even get carried away by excitement and do things we then regret that can have some serious consequences.

Making mistakes is a part of growing up. By making mistakes we all learn what is the right thing to do and what is the wrong thing to do. Of course we are all different, and this is one of the good things about life. For some of us it is easier to learn from a mistake so we are more careful in what we do. For others it can be more difficult to learn from these mistakes, and to then take action and be strong about it and not do it again.

We all have a weak and a strong side. Some of us have a strong character and therefore are not afraid to say “No, let’s be responsible enough and not do this” or something like “ Enough now. This is going too far.”For others it is harder to say something like this because they are afraid that they won’t be a part of the group and won’t be labeled or known as the ‘cool kid’.

Just because you are someone responsible it does not mean that you are uncool and that you can’t have any friends. By having the ability and the strength to  say “no” to somebody you could save the life of a less responsible friend that was not thinking of the consequences that could occur by doing something that they would regret. I think that a good friend would try to look out for the less responsible friend and would try to make them reflect on the seriousness of their actions when getting carried away by something fun that can then turn into a disaster.

The good thing about being a teenager is that we have older people around us that care about what we do and the actions we take. Adults are not here to punish us for letting off steam and having fun. They are here because they want us to know that as we grow older we will all have to be responsible on our own because we won’t have people around us forever that will tell us what to do and when to stop doing something.