We all lose control sometimes…

Sara, Editor

Control is another word for restraint. To restrain yourself from something. You are said to be under control when your emotions are in boundaries. And you lose control when your emotions are way out of the boundaries and keep on exceeding. It is when your domination collapses and you are just simply blinded by the eruption of your anger. This eruption occurs once in a while, and when it occurs, you break objects, slam the door and scream until your lungs fall out. Unless, you are the other type of person: when all your emotions build up and explode like a bomb into dripping tears.

Whether you cry or scream, the point is that you have lost control. And once you have lost control it is hard work to gain it back. So how do you gain it back? When you have completely lost control try to look at the mirror and look at yourself: you’ll get to see a completely different person. You try to recognize that person, and perhaps it is the real you. A person who does not hide any emotion and shows it clearly right on the face. A ‘you’ who you have been hiding for a very long time. So is it really wrong to lose control?

Losing control once in a while may not  necessarily be negative. Losing control is just the exaggeration of feelings that sometimes get out of hand. When the mixture of your feeling and emotions overload, you take it out in the form of anger. Getting angry is just a way of emptying that mixture out of your head, and this way you feel relieved. This is just like emptying lots of water from a bucket. Joy, acceptance, fear, surprise, sadness, disgust, anger, and anticipation.