Introducing our Student Council 2014-2015



L-R Matteo, Alessia, Gilan, Camilla, Enrico

We all know that the student council gives us a big hand in improving our school and giving the students of St Louis a voice. But how demanding is the job as a student council member?To find out, I interviewed Camilla, Matteo, Enrico, Alessia and Gilan to hear more about their important work. Each of the five members has a different role within the school. For example, Camilla is the head student. This means that she is in charge of the rest of the group and the whole student body, while Alessia has to take care of the social part of the school by organising various school events, such as the Halloween party and Prom.

I was very interested in what the Student Council members’ after school routine is like, so I decided to ask Gilan. Her answer was the following: “It is a tough job and it takes a lot of organising skills to do what we do, so once you’ve organised your study you are free to meet with the rest of the Student Council. During meetings we discuss various ideas that we have come up with. We also discuss how we could improve the school, and we report andy student ideas that we have gathered.”

As Gilan said, the job of a student council member is not easy. But at this point I asked myself; “Why did you choose to be part of the Student Council?”. Matteo, the sport officer and the deputy head student, answered my question with by saying, “I’ve always wanted to help the school’s community to improve. I wanted to make a difference in the high school, and now I have the opportunity to do this. Students need someone that listens to them and takes care of their interests.”

You probably already understood how important the Student Council’s job is for our school, but I wanted to find out the student council’s view on the importance of their job. Enrico, the promotions officer, said, “Our job is very important as we maintain the relationships between students and teachers. We also make sure that students are having fun rather than just studying all the time.”

I think I speak for us all when I say that we are very lucky to have that dedicate their time to take care of us and of the school. If you have any problems just go talk to the Student Council; they’ll be happy to help!


Camilla – Head Student

Matteo – Deputy Head Student and Sports Officer

Alessia – Events Officer

Gilan – Charities Officer

Enrico – Promotions Officer