Meet your Student Council 2013-2014


Silvia is the Head Student in the Student Council. She chairs the meetings and decides the discussion topics of each summit. When asked about her future she said she hopes to pass the IB with a good result and hopefully get into MIT to study Physics or Technology. Even geniuses like her have their own phobias. Silvia is afraid of the dark and extremely claustrophobic. If you hear someone crying in a locked up dark room, that’s probably Silvia.


Jordan has the position of the Deputy Head. In the Student Council, like others he contributes to the making of decisions. He organises the Council’s documents, and financial aspects. He is in charge of the Council in the absence of the Deputy Head. When he was asked about his career plans, this is what he said “I want to have a good career which I enjoy, most probably in a way contributing to the well-being of others or anyway contributing to the development of the society and or make a difference on local, national or even global levels.” When Jordan is not thinking about making a difference to the world, he plays football in the garden!


Chiara is the Head of Charity in the Student Council. Her main role is to bring the school community together and help raise money for the ones that need it the most. Like most of us, she is still undecided about what she’ll do after graduating school. Right now Chiara is probably munching on food (aka foodies for life) and scrolling through TUMBLR (its addictive).


Federica is the Event Planner. Basically her duty is to organise all the social activities the Student Council wants to put together for the school. Her response to “ What are your dreams for the future? ”, was I hope to live a healthy and calm life but at the same time very exciting. My hard-to-realise dream is to become important (famous) in show biz. My realisable dream is to start a family and work in the communication and media world and possibly have an important role in it”.

Guglielmo and Ludovico

Guglielmo and Ludovico are the Sports Event Planners. If you have any ideas related to sport’s activities you know who to contact!

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