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Spirit of St. Louis

The student news site of St. Louis School, Milan

Spirit of St. Louis

The student news site of St. Louis School, Milan

Spirit of St. Louis

Student Council – End of Year Message

St Louis High School

Dear Students and Teachers, 

The year has now come to an end. In a few weeks we will be able to feel the sun warming us up and making us feel almost free from every worry. 

But it may be worth going through all we managed to learn about this year. Don’t pull those faces, this is not a lecture about fractions, The Tempest or how to properly label a cell diagram. It’s a way to understand what we have been able to get from the experiences we have been through since the 6th of September.  

We have learned how to share our time and passion with others through the CAS program. We have been able to actively help people, and we have evidently made a difference. We have made cookies and cakes, we have danced, played soccer and designed posters and fliers for the scholastic events.  

And this has changed us. It has made us become aware of other people’s needs. A famous quote goes “Kindness is language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” 

We have managed to learn a lot even from apparently tough and harsh situations such as the end of year exams. We have understood how to set priorities and how to manage our study time effectively. But most of all we have learned that difficulties in life come and go, but that we have the opportunity to be in a school in which we are monitored and helped. 

Life often gives us hard times, but the education we are receiving is helping us to face them with a smile. This year has been a bit like a roller coaster, but we have gotten through it. So let’s be happy about this! Personally, I am enthusiastic about the year that just flew by! 

I extend my sincerest thanks even to all the teachers and students, who have made this year so special.  

To wrap all of this up, I’ll tell you this: Enjoy your summer! See you again in September! 

Yours truly,

SC Communication Officer

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