Race for Head of House Draws to a Close

Matthew, Staff Writer (Middle School)

Finally, after two weeks of hard decision making, the Head of Middle School, Mr.Ingram, has made his decision: but who will be this year’s Head of House for Jupiter, Odin and Zeus?

It was a very hard and long decision as there were so many great candidates but we feel this year’s team is very strong”

— Mr Ingram

So, to the results… The three successful candidates for the 2017/2018 academic year are: Riccardo S (Jupiter); Penelope (Zeus) and Matthew (Odin). Further more, we can now confirm that there will no longer be a Deputy position as the decision was going to be even harder for Mr. Ingram to make, given the wealth of talent on offer. Instead, a new ‘Senior Committee’ has been formed, which will offer students a greater voice throughout the Middle School.

On behalf of the entire St. Louis community, we wish the aforementioned students the best of luck in their new roles. Intel shows that, in mathematical terms, there is a well-thought out allegory of multiples of three: there are three Heads of House; there are nine students on the Senior Committee; and two class representatives for the three forms… good things, it seems, come in three. A good solution to a most welcome problem.