A Welcome from the Junior Editor


2018-2019 Journalism Team – Caviglia

Federico, Junior Editor, Middle School

The Journalism team is a special club open to every Middle School student at via Caviglia. The Caviglia team joins forces with the Pantano and Colonna teams to produce a variety of engaging articles on events across the school community. Many people ask: do I need to only write about things that happen inside the school walls? Well, the simple answer is no. An article may be based on school related projects or trips but could equally be based on special events in Milan, museum visits, shows, album reviews, computer games, new shops or installations and many other things: you write it and we’ll read it!

The journalism team meets every Thursday lunch break, but it is a great experience and you will feel part of the team straight away, creating friendships and learning about how to edit and produce articles. We represent the students: articles written about students by the students. 

If you don’t want to give up your precious lunchtime, feel free to become a guest writer, where you might contribute an article every now and again. After that, you may decide to become a
more serious member of the team. The Team are always looking for students to report on sports fixtures, interview teachers and address the big issues in and outside of school.
If you’re worried about deadlines and how much to write, don’t be! There are no deadlines or handing in dates. If you have an idea, speak to one of the junior editors: Maria Ester, 9A, or
myself. Alternatively, Mr. T or Ms. James are always available when the team meet on Thursday at 2pm, in the library.

We’d love to hear from you and what you have to say. Keep up-to-date with our articles on the Middle School Journalism page on Google Classroom, via the Spirit of St. Louis website or
simply by reading the work around school.

See you soon!