X – A – N – A – D – U Coming Soon!

And it has begun. A new musical production. Rehearsals have started, for the eagerly awaited outcome in 2017. We are going to perform “Xanadu”, based on a movie originally starring Olivia Newton John. It is a unique play with disco encounters and Greek Gods.

Including comedy, a little romance, strong friendships and loyalty between the muses, this play will brighten your day when you come to see it. 

Not many people understand the true difficulty of the performing arts, that actors study lines and memorise them to entertain an audience. There is hard work, and practice behind any theatrical performance. An actor has to understand their character in order to present their lines as the character would.

This obviously includes not only the main roles. Extras have to feel involved in the play in order not to seem just like a person standing around, as if they had no idea why they were there.

Personally, I took part in the school musical production two years ago and I very much enjoy the performing arts. This play is another opportunity for me to perform in front of an audience. In our rehearsals so far we have been practicing a the songs and have started to learn the dialogue.

We are not sure how the final outcome will be, but based on what we have done now, I can surely say that with perseverance and dedication, Xanadu will turn out to be another wonderful production from the Musical Team this year.