Handlebars, Lampshades and Pencils


Members of 7B show-off their ‘mathstaches’ with Head of Zeus, Mr. Curran.

Gaia M, Middle School Staff Writer

Every November, a strange craze sweeps the corridors of Via Caviglia: students and teachers
begin to develop wispy moustaches, goatee beards and designer stubble, even the girls! But what
exactly is it all in aid of? We all live in a just and caring society. So, when one of us is in danger, it’s
only right that we all step-up together to decrease the chance of illness. That’s where the
Movember federation comes into play.

By 2030, the members of this initiative aim to reduce the probability of men dying prematurely,
from prostate cancer, by 25%. Trucker, regent, connoisseur or wisp. No matter the shape or
style of the moustache, any face can inspire donations, generate hope and create real change.
The moustache is actually a symbol of a ribbon, because like a ribbon it can grow as long as you
wish and it ties together all the people in the world who have been affected by prostate cancer.

But what is prostate cancer? Well, initially cancerous cells may begin to form very slowly but this
process can speed up over time. Prostate cancer begins when cells in the prostate gland begin to
grow uncontrollably. The prostate gland can be found just below the bladder, in front of the rectum.
Strangely, this form of disease only affects men but when you think about it, as with any sickness,
it can end up having an impact on entire families.

Age is actually a fundamental factor of prostate cancer. That’s mainly why it is advisable to take
the PSA test, which actually is less intimidating than it sounds- just a simple blood test- as soon as
possible. It stands for Prostate Specific Antigen, and it’s the primary way of detecting signs of
prostate cancer.

As we all know, St. Louis is a home not only to the students who attend every-day, but also to
friends and family, who contribute so much to the school community. Each November, or should I
say Movember, the generous donations of St. Louis students underline our commitment to creating
a better world, free of illness and suffering.

Head of Zeus and the driving force behind the Via Caviglia charity event, Mr.Curran, was
overwhelmed with the creativity and enthusiasm of students, during this year’s event: ‘This year
students at St. Louis managed to raise 50 Euros, using a few crayons and a bit of ingenuity. It was
great to see a variety of moustaches on the happy faces of students. I’d also like to take this
opportunity to thank members of 7B for their efforts in making ‘mathstaches’, during their
Mathematics lesson’.

For more information on the Movember movement, visit www.movember.com, to find out inventive
ways in which you can help.