5 Seconds of Good Music

I’m not embarrassed to say I’m addicted to their music and I’ve been listening to it on repeat for the past month, so I’m recommending it to all of you.



5 Seconds of Summer

Federica, Editor

Not sure of what to listen to at the moment? Do you want to open your musical horizons and explore something new?

Unless you particularly dislike catchy music, the debut album of pop-punk/pop-rock revelation, 5 seconds of summer, has landed in the stores and is waiting for you!

5 Seconds of Summer, with 5 Seconds of Summer (I guess that finding a name for their first CD wasn’t a priority), is climbing the charts: number 1 in Italy, Australia, US, Spain, Canada and number 2 in the UK beaten only by Ed Sheeran’s X (that’s another review).

Clearly, the public loves them and so do I! Their music is full of energy and very relatable. Most of the lyrics aren’t the deepest, but what could you expect from a bunch of teenagers living the dream? What is important is that they write their own music, they are passionate about what they do and they can perform live!

With all these new commercial artists on the music scene (most of them, my guilty pleasures) it is nice to see a group of young, enthusiastic men present an album which was written by themselves and which they are able to perform very well; without the help of playback, flashy costumes or a massive scenery.

If it’s your intention to pick up the CD and give them a try here are the songs that , in my opinion, you have to listen to (taking for granted that you already know the overly-played singles She Looks So Perfect, Don’t Stop and Amnesia):

Kiss me Kiss me, if you want to listen to a good rock instrumental towards the end of the song.

18, if a touch of punk and relatable lyrics are what you’re looking for.

End Up Here, my personal favorite.

In case these songs are what you were looking for then don’t be afraid to try out the deluxe edition, which will provide you with four extra tracks of which, in my opinion, Voodoo Doll and Never Be (the best lyrics of the entire album) are the highlight.

If you feel even more adventurous listen to some of their older songs (from the past EPs or their Soundcloud account) of which Try Hard and The Only Reason are a must.

I’m not embarrassed to say I’m addicted to their music and I’ve been listening to it on repeat for the past month, so I’m recommending it to all of you.

Now, you may be asking yourself where does this band come from? This Australian band started off with Youtube covers in 2011 and started touring with One Direction, as an opening act for their Take Me Home Tour, in 2013. Although the unlikely match (the two bands belong to very different music generes) they are still touring with One Direction as the opening act of their stadium tour, Where We Are.

According to some people, their success is only thanks to One Direction’s support.Even though touring with them has given 5 Seconds of Summer’s career a huge boost, I believe they would have made it to the top in any case. Meeting them, on the 27th of June at their CD signing, and seeing them on the 28th and 29th play live at San Siro has done nothing but confirmed to me how much they deserve their success.