Avril Lavigne


Avril Lavigne

One name. Avril Lavigne. She took the world by storm. She bombarded the radio with her songs and stylized new trends.

The artist tries to make a comeback with her new album Avril Lavigne. We have heard Here’s to never growing up, and not everyone was pleased with Rock n roll but after hearing the album, I wonder why the other songs aren’t released as singles. Just like Miley Cyrus’s Bangerz, each song here could have easily been a hit.

When I think of Avril, I think of a high school girl enjoying life, that’s the vibe I get especially in the song 17. Her song reminds me of a rock version of Taylor Swift. 17 is a love/party tune for teens. It is ironic, because her music speaks to teenagers while she’s currently around 30.

One song we all can love is an easy, fun, relaxing, catchy summer tune. … Summer  where she tells us about her teen years.  Avril and her husband created a song which has a huge Nickleback vibe. Avril makes sweet songs. Remember Innocence and Keep holding onWell, Give you what you like and Falling Fast are lullabies sung in a soft voice.

When I think of Avril, I think of a high school girl enjoying life

Avril has not changed her musical style which makes her nice to listen to; you still have all those memories.  on the track Bad Girl featuring Marilyn Manson she really proves that she is still a rocker. Using the 60’s radio echo style and screaming, Avril proves to us that she’s quite capable of being a hard rock singer alongside Manson’s growling voice in the background. It’s a perfect song for: bodybuilders, fighters, runners, etc. Very motivational; I highly recommend it.

A sad truth has surfaced. Avril is  being ignored around the world, especially in Canada and Europe. But Japan is known for treating her like a true goddess. So Avril has decided to treat her Japanese  fans. Hello Kitty starts off  with  rock and rap with Avril screaming Japanese words.  But the true surprise comes as the song builds up to the chorus. YES IT’S DUBSTEP! The artist takes a break from rock and makes a dance hit. It’s my favourite song off the album and is now in my ‘top songs’ list. I guarantee people will love to jam or dance to this. It’s the type of song that would be played full blast in dance clubs.

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet and Sippin’ on sunshine have the same style, but show a mature women. They are fun to listen to in the sunshine. Sippin’ on sunshine  is very catchy and grabs you. Falling fast, if your heartbroken, is a sad song that in a strange way makes you smile and be grateful for what you had.

Out of all the newly released albums: Prism, Artpop, Bangerz and 20/20  I fell in love with Avril Lavigne. I  really hope that it gets more public attention.

This album, is definately her best yet and will stay in your mind, but this is not Avril’s ‘golden comeback’  year.