The Kiwi bird


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Lorenzo G., Staff Writer (Environmental Issues)

The Kiwi bird is a ratite (a bird that cannot fly) but, even though they’re not easy to see, they do actually have wings.

Kiwis look really cuddly and sweet but, in reality, they are really violent and really like to fight with each other. They have a very powerful nose and, like dogs, they can sniff out food and danger. They have one of the longest beaks in the animal kingdom compared to their size. They can even live for more than 30 years!

Kiwis are not as sexist as other animals: while usually it is the mother who incubates, but with Kiwi’s it’s the males who incubates! Instead of walking or flying, they can run quite fast, but with a really funny step!

Kiwis are classified as being “vulnerable” by the WWF but with their temperament they are quite able to protect themselves. Humans used to hunt them for meat and eggs.