Wellness Week

In our recently concluded week of wellness activities the students took part in various activities from Zentangles to learning ways to manage difficult situations and stress.

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VR is playing a big role in exposure therapy helping people normalise responses to triggers and getting them used to something before actually experiencing it in real life. Being afraid of heights has always been my biggest phobia, Friday I was able to ride a rollercoaster and still feel ok. VR helped me overcome my fear and is doing so for many other people. Whether it is height, small spaces or flying, living with phobias can be very unpleasant in our daily lives. The VR simulator immersed me onto an artificial roller coaster where I could learn to manage my fear.

— Ginevra


During the wellness session on Friday, knot-tying was my activity of choice. Having briefly sailed during the summer, I was already acquainted with a few knots and felt like I knew what to expect; indeed, we learnt about various knots also used on a boat, such as the bowline knot and the reef knot. Not only was it enjoyable and useful, but being able to dedicate yourself to an activity that requires concentration distracts you from your other problems, as in the moment all you have to do is finish the knot you started. Then, when you are able to tie the knot properly, the result is very satisfying as you can see your work physically in front of you.

— Maria Ester

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