It’s been announced that a new school will be opening in September 2017. Can you tell me a little more about this?

Mr. Rafferty told us that the complex that they will be opening used to be a monastery where the priests used to teach their students in the past. Now it has been completely refurbished and it had state of the art tech installed in it: computers, TVs and very nice boarding facilities. It has a big courtyard in the center and a big gym facility underground. The school will be hosting students from preschool to IGCSE students. Mr. Rafferty is absolutely certain that the new school will keep up the good marks and standards that the St. Louis school is known for.

The St. Louis is partnering with Inspired. What benefits are there going to be in the High school in Via Pantano and in the new school?

Mr. Rafferty believes that partnering with Inspired will bring positive energy to the new school and provide the St. Louis with this new and beautiful boarding facility; but it will affect the school in Via Pantano a little, maybe a few teachers and managers might have to transfer over to the new school, so that the St. Louis spirit will exist in the new school from the first. As we may notice in these days there are some new teachers that have been handpicked by Mr. Rafferty, as he has been doing with all the professors at the St. Louis for the past 16 years.

The new facility is a great expansion of the STL and Mr. Rafferty believes, being a Physics teacher, that it will be a good idea to install some solar panels on the roof, what a great addition!

The International School of Milan is advertising a new boarding school in the same location as the St. Louis school is with the new facility. Are the schools planning on merging in the future?

Mr. Rafferty said that the schools weren’t going to merge, but there were some spaces left in the boarding facilities and instead of not using them the St. Louis decided to give them to the International School students. The ISM students will only be using the sleeping quarters, the two schools have two different curriculums.

Check out the new school’s link:

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