My first 100 days of High School


St Louis High School

Claudia, Staff Writer

My first days of High School finished too soon. Time flew and looking back I realise how much time has passed and how many things I’ve learned in these couple of months.

The very first day was probably the best: we went to the Idroscalo to meet our new classmates and tutors. Paddling on the Dragon boats was surely an activity that let us know each other better, in fact, I had the opportunity to meet many new people forming new friendships. The first couple of weeks were very different from my middle school experience, I had to get used to changing classes, going up and down the stairs the right way – essentially I learnt to be more organised and precise.

Once I learnt where my classes were, I realised that also the teaching method was slightly different to the one I was used to; the atmosphere in all my classes was calmer and more work had to be done during the lessons, rather than at home.

At half term we had the Halloween party, which was great fun, although it was preceded by some tests and quizzes that served to create our half term grade card.

In general, I can say that I’m very happy with my results from this first term of school, I am having lots of fun with my new friends and I’m learning so many new things.