It’s good to talk?

There are times when you have to talk with some one but you don’t know who. I’ve always had this problem. I tend to talk with the same person whenever I ‘m not feeling my self. Then after a bit I get paranoid and think that maybe I am being annoying and I am not giving them space. I guess I am not the only one out there. Everyone gets a feeling like that, right?

I’ve learned that during the hardest of times it is hard to find someone who you feel comfortable to talk with. We have all experienced it. There are so many people who we could talk with but it doesn’t feel right.  Talking with parents for most teenagers is out of the options. Well surely for me. It doesn’t feel right telling them. Why worry them more than they are?  And I guess I realise that I don’t have anyone specific to talk to. Yes, I have many friends who I care about but it doesn’t feel right to make them listen to me talk.  I also realise that maybe I’m waiting for the right friend. We are all still young and have more people to meet in the future and I know that eventually I will end up with a friend who wont be bored of listening to me.