School in Cambodia Project – Update

After several and intense meetings the student council has prepared an agenda filled with exiting and original events, that we are sure everybody in the St.Louis community will be keen to participate in.

Coming up, very soon we have a Student Council Aperitivo, inspired by the famous Italian aperitivi. We decided to

organize a day in a week where all students will be free to come to school from 6:00 to 9:30 in the evening to hang out with their fellow students. This will be an incredible bonding opportunity for the entire high school, and to strengthen our community.

Focusing on our main goal, United World Schools,  we are starting to spread the word by organising presentations to officially introduce the United World Schools project.

Our main goal from day 1, was to provide education, to give opportunities and most importantly to invest in a better future, a better world. Fortunately in our country the majority of children have the blessing to get an education, however we must not forget that there are parts of the world where the situation is simply different. There are countries where the right to have an education is ripped away from children. There are  places where children are forced into hard labour from an early age.

Well, its up to us, and you all, to make this belong to our past, and deprive it from our future; we want to give the chance, for a better life to children all around the globe. This is why we, our community, St.Louis is glad to announce our next great goal, our project with the Cooperation of United World Schools in a country prevalently poor that needs our, your help to educate their current and future generations.