Homework, homework, and more homework; this is what we have to go through every day as students. 

I interviewed Chiara, a friend of mine who attends an Italian “Liceo Classico”, to find out what she thinks about homework and the quantity that she thinks teachers should give us. Chiara feels that homework is a really good exercise to review what you learn in class, but the major problem with it is the amount that she receives. Furthermore, she feels that teachers at her school assign so much homework that the students have no time to dedicate to extra curricular activities. Chiara additionally explained to me how, if she needs help for Latin or Greek, she can’t always rely on her parents or friends, and she finds it very difficult to complete her homework.

These problems don’t affect only Chiara and her classmates, but could apply to all Italian high schools. In my opinion, here at St. Louis we have don’t have this problem, and I personally feel that my teachers assign us the right amount of homework – not too much and not too little but just enough. We also have the opportunity discussing any work that we are not sure about with our teachers and have the chance to revise it with them after school.

“In modern society, I’d say that the Anglo-Saxon teaching system is the best one for us,” concluded Chiara.

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