The Art Therapy Experience

Art therapy is a discipline that is slowly increasing in popularity throughout the world. It involves using art as a medium to communicate feelings and all those messages that can sometimes not be expressed in words.

The discipline originated in the 1940’s to aid soldiers in removing from their minds the psychological wounds created by war. It has grown in popularity and effectiveness throughout the years.

Ginevra, Valentina, Camilla and myself have decided to explore this topic for our Global Perspectives Group Project and we have proposed a practical activity for the whole school to join in: The Art Therapy Experience, where five activities were selected and given to students and staff in order to experiment with a “hands-on” approach to this type of therapy.

When working with children it is inevitable to use prevalently non-verbal language … Fortunately, even in adults the potential creative and expressive codes are present and can be used to heal psychological wounds and to promote the growth of a harmonic personality

— Prof. Roberto Boccalon, Direttore Istituto Psicoterapia Espressiva-Bologna

We have received an enormous response from this project and have bound all work together in a book which is in the School Library and that we invite you to explore, read and comment on by writing your thoughts in the empty spaces in the book.

We have also taken lots of pictures from these activities and interviewed many members of staff and students, but this will be a surprise that will be revealed in our video presentation. But for now, here are a few sneak peeks of what we have done.

We hope to share our project with you really soon!


Enrico, Camilla, Ginevra, Valentina

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