A Night At St.Louis


Year 12 Students had the chance to contribute to an exclusive evening of reflection on what the future holds for them, what tools they will need in order to prosper and to make a difference in tomorrow’s competitive world.

The engaging presentation held by Mr. Oscar di Montigny was entitled Alive or Just Breathing and was extraordinary. In one way it was a reality check as it allowed us to see how our present will affect out future. In some aspects, the future seems quite dull unless we start making some changes now.

Believe in yourself, know yourself, don’t believe in anyone telling you ‘believe me’. But just try to experience what they tell you and experiment with it”

With the latest advancements in technology and science, you would think about prosperity and success but to some extent it has created new problems that did not exist in the previous generations. These are the kind of issues that get you thinking, “Are we treating the planet right?” On the other hand today’s advancements have created many new opportunities and with that we shall thrive in the future!

By the end of the two and a half hour presentation I had multiple thoughts running across my mind. One thing I learnt that evening was that believing and dreaming can do wonders.

To prove that statement I’ll do an experiment.

Stand up. Take your right hand and point at something behind you. Now turn your upper body around while your right arm is still pointing. Look at what your finger is pointing at.  Whatever it is remember it. Now relax and take your original position. Hands by your side. Take a deep breathe and close your eyes. Think about what you just did. Think about that object you ended up pointing at the end. Now think about putting 30% more effort in what you did. Think about stretching further. Open your eyes and take that pointing finger up again. Turn your upper body around. And now see where you are pointing. I’m pretty sure you are pointing at something pass the previous object you where pointing at. Believing is all it takes.

Professor Alessandro Rimassa co- author of Generazione Mille Euro, was also in attendance and discussed collaborating on a possible Ted Talks.

The rest of the night included pizza and a whole bag of fun, laughter and joy. Thank to everyone that made this wonderful night happen! Hopefully it turns into a St Louis tradition.