St Louis Students raise €1574 for Bangladeshi School


Rupasa Para School, Lama, Bangladesh

‘Water’, a simple commodity that we all take for granted. However there are many people on this planet that make many sacrifices just to get a bucket of water.

Numerous children in developing countries walk miles after miles to get water for their family.  As a part of the global community do you not think you should do something?

This is where Walking For Water comes in. Walking for Water is an annual sponsored event to build awareness and to raise funds to provide more people in the developing world with clean water and proper sanitation.

… with the money raised, … we have been able to install a water well and latrines ”

— Walking for Water Organisers

On the 23rd of March this year, St. Louis gave a hand to help raise funds, by taking part in the event. Students’ aged from 11-16 got together in the Parco Sempione, and walked 6km while carrying 6 litres of water in their backpacks.  Friends and family sponsored each student to complete this task.

Together we managed to raise €1574. The money was given to a school sanitation project in Bangladesh.

A couple of weeks ago, we got a reply from the Walking for Water organisers  saying “We are very happy to inform you that with the money raised by your students, we have been able to install a water well and latrines at this school and educate children about hygiene”

A simple gesture has made a significant transformation to these students. Lets all stand together and finally create a difference!

Who is in with me for Walking for Water 2014?