The Leap into High School


Year 10

No one can deny that the night before the 4th of September the new high school student’s hearts were beating so fast that they couldn’t sleep. The new Year 10’s were certainly excited, but especially curious about how our ‘new life’ would be.

It all started in Via Pantano where students and teachers met. Next we all went together on the bus to the Idroscalo Park. Our curiosity was increasing. We didn’t know what was awaiting us so upon arrival at Idroscalo we were even more excited to discover what we were going to do.

As we made our way to the canoes some of the student’s faces seemed thrilled, some scared and some lost. However in the end what really mattered was how much fun we all had.

One other reason why we went to Idroscalo was to get to know each other. It worked out really well.  In fact the new high school students, although some of us barely knew each other, showed their ability to work together as a team. The collaboration between each other was outstanding.

students are more passionate because they have chosen their subjects themselves

One of the biggest changes for us was the new building. Most of us felt we were in a new world. We were getting lost every time we had to move around the school. After the problem of moving around the building was overcome we started to enjoy it. The places in the school the new students liked the most were the cafeteria, where we could eat and the comfortable back garden  which has been the perfect place for us to meet to have a chat and a break after exhausting lessons.

The students are also more passionate about what they are studying because they have chosen almost all of their subjects themselves. However, the expectations now have risen so the Year 10’s will have to seriously work harder. Our responsibility is therefore even higher. We’ll see how we will get on.

Overall us students have totally changed our lifestyle and are experiencing one of life’s biggest adjustments in a great school and with wonderful mates. We will never forget it.