Halloween … an event of superstition and celebration originally created by the Celts, an ancient population who used to light bonfires and wear scary costumes in order to ward ghosts off.

The 1st of November was the date decided by Pope Gregory III to celebrate saints and martyrs. The night before, the 31st of October, was known as All Hallows Eve, which later on became Halloween. Only after many centuries the celebration became characterised by child-friendly activities, such as   knocking on doors and asking the now famous question “trick-or-treat?” We still conserve the habits that the Celts had of wearing scary costumes, with the difference being that we try to scare each other, not ghosts.

… we try to scare each other…

St. Louis School is known for the excellent education it provides to students. It has a magic and unknown recipe that offers both culture and entertainment. In order to encourage students to have a high scholastic performance, St. Louis frequently organises events that provide entertainment and distraction from school. A Halloween party has been arranged  and many students will be participating and trying to shock friends with their unique style. We’re all looking forward to seeing fantastic costumes and masks.

Photos will be posted on this site in order to make you, Reader, faint in front of your computer.




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