Fair Play In Football?

Luke, Staff Writer

Aaron Hunt

So often we see penalties given after a blatant dive, or players exaggerating injuries after tackles in order to prompt a red card from the referees. However, recently we witnessed an unusual gesture of good sportsmanship in the German football league, Bundesliga.

During a battle between two teams who could very possibly be relegated, Werder Bremen and Nürnberg, there was a penalty given after Werder Bremen man Aaron Hunt tripped himself in the oppositions penalty box. The Nürnberg players protesting was not enough to change the referee’s mind, but Hunt’s admittance of his own mistake to the referee made him change his mind and not give the penalty after all.


This story received a lot of publicity the day after, which just shows how rare good sportsmanship is in professional football. In almost every football match you watch nowadays you will notice at least one incident of diving or exaggerated injuries, but very rarely will you see an act like Hunt’s.

It just goes to show fair play is existent in small quantities in the world of football…